The Summit

Slide.JPGWe are gathering all volunteer and staff youth workers from the Presbytery of the Alleghenies for a one night event during the presbytery meeting in September to edify one another and collaborate in our ministries. Then we will join the presbytery meeting for dinner and worship. We need your wisdom and experience at the table!

Mark this date on your calendar and register at as the date approaches. Register for the presbytery meeting and dinner, and make sure you check the box to let us know you’ll be coming to The Summit during the business meeting on Friday.

Because we strongly believe that all youth workers have wisdom and experience that needs to be shared, this event will be collaborative. We will briefly introduce six topics with discussion questions that are important for ministering to students, and then spend time sharing and solving them together. We will also have an area we call “The Toolbox,” where you can share the best tools and resources that you have found for student ministry. You can write down the name of a communication tool, game website, event idea, curriculum, book, etc., on lists that will be distributed to everyone that attended after the event.

What topics or questions about student ministry would you like to discuss at this event? These can be generic or specific, problems or visions, simple or very complex. We will tackle the six most popular topics or questions during our time together. Please submit up to six topics or questions using the form below.