Appalachain Impact 2015 (Summer Mission Opportunity)

Youth Pastors of the PoA,

Every year myself and the middle school kids of our church (Tabernacle E.P.C.) go to a place called Salt Lick, Kentucky. Yes, it is in the middle of nowhere and yes, it is certainly exciting. When I was in middle school and participating in this trip, we would always be accompanied by multiple other churches also participating in a summer missions trip. In recent years, we have been the only church on the campgrounds for the week that we go, and it is my intent to raise awareness and join with some other smaller churches that may not be able to do this type of trip on their own.

What we do while there is mainly physical labor for families living in very rough conditions, but while back at camp it is all about having a super intentional time with Jesus and with our kids just hanging out. While sleeping in cabins and eating some fantastic meals, there is always life transformation that happens in these students lives.

This is where I throw an invitation out to any and all that are interested in this. There is no limit to middle school for the trip, as I would love to see as many get the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus as possible. In the same way, if this is something that interests you and you say, there is no way we could afford to do something like this, let me know as transportation and other cost may be defrayed by going at this together.

This year, our church is traveling down to Kentucky on Sunday, July 5th and will be returning on Saturday, July 11th. The price for this that we have set is $425. Again, this is what we always charge, but I would be willing to break this down and see what we can do about the price. I know that this is fairly short notice, but again, I simply want to make sure that everyone has a chance to partake in a summer mission opportunity as I see the good that it has brought to our students.

I know that I have been vague on information, but it is my thought that I have given enough to let the Spirit direct you to either reach out to me or not. If you are interested, feel free to contact me anytime by phone (330-314-2755) or e-mail (

Thanks, and I will be praying that God will continue to use all of you for His glory and His purpose.

Andrew Stauffer


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